Nature Walks



  1. “If the forest is silent, don’t enter”
    14 Jan, 2017
    “If the forest is silent, don’t enter”
    “If the forest is silent, don’t enter” Says Hafiz, our Malay guide outside a patch of rainforest near Kuala Lumpur. “When the forest is silent, it means there are tigers around.” On the outskirts of Malaysia’s largest city, of course there is little chance of an encounter with ‘Mr stripes’ — as the apex predator is colloquially known. Much like the rest of Malaysia’s astounding biodiversity, the critically endangered Malayan tiger is losing out to urban development, logging and
  2. Barred Owl
    01 Jan, 2017
    A New Beginning...
    Today we welcome a brand new year, 2017!  Often during the New Year time there are great stories about the previous year, sharing the funny moments, as well as sad stories about those we lost and many news worthy events that define the past 365 day cycle. New Years resolutions themselves are often very personal. "I" will work out more or loose weight in the new year or begin a new career etc. This year, I hope we all can consider a much broader approach to our New Years resolutions. We now