Meet The Team

Tom Holmes - President

Tom received his undergraduate degree in Logistics Management from Michigan State University and his Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University, and has spent the last 35 years working in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Illinois.  Tom shares the Society’s dedicated passion for wildlife conservation.  In addition to his work with Nature Walks Conservation Society, Tom is a frequent volunteer with the Nature Conservancy, working to restore the Oak Openings ecosystem of Northwest Ohio.  He travels extensively in Europe and China and bikes for enjoyment. 
Angela Warner - Treasurer

Angela has extensive office experience in both the legal and medical billing fields.  She has received diplomas in various fields including Wildlife / Forestry Conservation.   Angela has had a lifelong love of animals and holds a firm belief that mankind must carefully consider all of its actions, to prevent the unnecessary destruction of habitat for many species.  She enjoys nature-based activities such as photography, camping and ATV riding.
Anne Marie Fraser - Wildlife Photographer
Anne Marie holds a business degree in paralegal studies and also a second degree in Travel and Tourism from Hesser college. She has spent her life admiring and caring for wildlife. She has rehabilitated many wild orphaned species and has been active in the Native American community throughout her entire life. Those traditional American Indian teachings give her a unique perspective on the Earth, it's flora and Fauna. During filming trips in the deep northern forests with her husband Mark Fraser, Anne Marie has developed a world class eye for wildlife photography that makes her incredible images among the best at capturing the beauty of the natural world.
Mark Fraser - Executive Director

For over 25 years Mark has designed, staffed and trained technical engineers in the telecommunications, computer networking and healthcare industries as a Director of Network Engineering and Operations.  Mark has also spent a lifetime at his foremost passion, being a dedicated naturalist and conservationist. Over the course of several decades, he has gained a vast, hands-on knowledge of species,  their habits and habitat niche's.  He is the Executive Producer and host of "Nature Walks with Mark Fraser" ( whose films have  been seen on Discovery News and PBS. His youtube channel has over a million views ( Mark has amassed many thousands of Facebook fans as well as several other social media outlets all geared towards daily public wildlife education information. He has been interviewed by professor Michio Kaku of Science Fantastic which broadcasts over 150 radio stations nationwide. He has personally guided  thousands of people into the forest teaching families about the natural world, and to help them appreciate our "wild" neighbors. He offers common sense ways we can all help protect wildlife and habitat in our everyday lives. He has also been a volunteer public wildlife educator at the Sherburne Nature center in Tyngsboro Massachusetts for over 12 years.